Need to Know the Secret of Lemurian Quartz

Need to Know the Secret of Lemurian Quartz

Secret of Lemurian Quartz is a variety of quartz known for its distinctive markings and intriguing origins. Named after the mythical lost land of Lemuria, these crystals hold a certain allure for crystal enthusiasts and collectors. In this article, we delve into the world of Lemurian Quartz, uncovering its physical characteristics, historical significance, and the fascinating legends surrounding its creation. Let us now explore what are the Secret of Lemurian Quartz.

Secret of Lemurian Quartz?

This is a type of crystal that is reputed to help you to retrieve information about the ancient civilization of Lemuria. The most identical character for Lemurian quartz is that they have deep ridges/striations on the sides, like a ladder which is the major characteristic that identifies them.


The Lemurian people lived on this earth in ancient times, and worked extensively with crystals. It seems that some sort of immense misfortune overcame the Lemurian people before they disappeared from the earth. The impressions that many folks get of the people of Lemuria, is of gentle innocent people who deeply loved the earth. There is much scientific and ethical debate about the lost city of Lemuria and the mentally advanced beings that were products of this ancient society. Lemuria was similar to Atlantis and was believed to have been a land bridge connecting Africa and India. In the early 1800s, Lemuria’s original name was given when a British zoologist Philip Lutley Sclater noted a similar species of Lemurs originating from India as well as Madagascar. This led to Phillip theorizing that a landmass must have connected the two continents at the time, calling it Lemuria.


Lemurian quartz was said firstly found in Brazil, but Colombia is also producing one of the best type. Meanwhile, there is also mined from Madagascar, Guangxi of China, arkensas of US, Switzerland and Russia. The best of its type is found in Colombia which is also know for its production of collector’s favorite Mango quartz.

Colombia lemurian quartz is probably the purest kind compared to others. Not only the ridges on the sides are so remarkable, but also the luster.

Story – Secret of Lemurian Quartz?

  1. The Story of Lemuria: Tracing the Origins of an Ancient Civilization Lemurian Quartz draws its name from the ancient civilization of Lemuria, a mythical land said to have existed long before recorded history. We explore the legends and tales associated with Lemuria, examining the belief in its advanced society and the connections made between these crystals and the lost civilization.
  2. Unique Markings: Unveiling the Distinctive Appearance of Lemurian Quartz Lemurian Quartz stands out with its captivating physical features, characterized by horizontal or ladder-like striations that run along its surface. We delve into the striking appearance of Lemurian Quartz, discussing its clarity, color variations, and the fascination surrounding its distinct markings.
  3. Lemurian Lines: Investigating the Symbolism and Significance A notable aspect of Lemurian Quartz is the presence of “Lemurian Lines” or “Lemurian Seed Crystals.” We explore the symbolism attached to these lines, examining the belief that they serve as channels for accessing ancient wisdom and spiritual insights. We also discuss the role of these lines in meditation and personal exploration.
  4. Historical and Cultural Significance: Lemurian Quartz in Ancient Lore Lemurian Quartz has captured the interest of various cultures throughout history. We uncover the historical significance of Lemurian Quartz in different ancient civilizations, exploring how it was revered, used, and symbolized. From ceremonial practices to spiritual beliefs, Lemurian Quartz has left an indelible mark in the annals of human culture.
  5. Collecting and Appreciating Lemurian Quartz: Insights for Enthusiasts For crystal enthusiasts and collectors, Lemurian Quartz holds a special place in their collections. We provide practical tips and insights on collecting Lemurian Quartz, including factors to consider when purchasing, how to identify genuine specimens, and the various forms in which it is available.

Conclusion – Secret of Lemurian Quartz

Lemurian Quartz stands as a captivating crystal with its unique appearance and intriguing history. Whether you are fascinated by its distinctive markings or drawn to the tales of Lemuria, exploring the world of Lemurian Quartz offers a glimpse into a realm of mystery and wonder. As you delve into the allure of Lemurian Quartz, appreciate its physical attributes and the rich historical and cultural significance it holds, allowing yourself to embark on a journey of curiosity and discovery.